Kitely Market and OSGrid - Updated

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JesseVoss Voss
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Kitely Market and OSGrid - Updated

Post by JesseVoss Voss » Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:33 am


Now that Kitely can be reached via Hypergrid, the immediate question arise: Does the Kitely Market have any practical use for OSGrid residents – both as consumers and marketeers? My understanding is as follows:
• Kitely registered users can carry inventory marked as Exportable into other grids such as OSGrid
• To be able to purchase anything on the Kitely market, you have to be a registered Kitely user, meaning you cannot take your normal OSGrid user to Kitely, purchase exportable items from the market and bring them back home for your own use on OSGrid sims
• Only Kitely registered users (with land) can carry a store on the Kitely Market, meaning you have to upload all the content you want to sell to their asset servers. This content from then on lives its own life disconnected from the OSGrid content.
• It might be possible to load your content by populating an OAR, and upload this to a Kitely world (sim). To do so you have to opt for the minimum $14.95 per month charge – at least if you want to add to and maintain your items in the future.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- ... w=previous

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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Kitely Market and OSGrid - Updated

Post by Ilan Tochner » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:07 am

Hi JesseVoss,

Kitely has been open to the Hypergrid since May 2014. Kitely Market is the main marketplace serving the Hypergrid and has delivered items to avatars on more than 260 OpenSim grids to date.

You need to have a Kitely account to be able to order from Kitely Market but you can create a Kitely account for free and don't need to own land on Kitely to be able to buy or sell items in Kitely Market.

You can buy items on Kitely Market and have them delivered directly to your avatar on any Hypergrid-enabled grid. You don't need to deliver them to a Kitely avatar and transfer them manually to your desired grid. See: ... ther+Grids

You need to have a Kitely avatar to list items in Kitely Market because Kitely Market accesses your Kitely avatar's inventory when creating a new product listing. See: ... merchants/

You can use the free Kitely Merchants Sandbox to upload and test your items before adding them to your Kitely avatar's inventory. There are no asset upload fees in Kitely, no marketplace listing fees and, as stated previously, you don't need to own land on Kitely to buy or sell in Kitely Market. You will, however, need to own a Kitely world if you wish to be able to upload OAR files into Kitely.
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Re: Kitely Market and OSGrid - Updated

Post by Chris Namaste » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:59 pm

jesse,i have several peeps from osgrid who buy from my shop in kitely market - no problems, as ilan stated.

what i do experience, with my kitely as well with my digi avatar,i cannot send anyyyyything to osgrid 'jus send from avi to avi', like i can with my kitely av to my digi av & vise versa
enjoy the market here,its supersmooth how it works:)
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