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Christine Nyn wrote:
Sun May 14, 2023 2:16 pm
Really speaking there has to be a prim #45 in the object as you've already mentioned there are 173 prims in total.

I'm wondering if the elusive prim is something that was distant to the main object when first selected and accidentally got linked.
If that had happened it would be very difficult to spot as you pulled apart the main object.

With that in mind I've put together a script which will find the region position of a given prim so you at least know where to look.

As it stands I've set it up for prim #45 but that is configurable.

Just drop the script into the object and it will report. If you want it to also self-delete you can uncomment the last line.

Code: Select all

// find_a_prim
// Christine Nyn, 14-May-2023

integer prim_to_find = 45;

        integer p = llGetNumberOfPrims();
        if(p < prim_to_find)
            llOwnerSay("Prim number is too high for this object.");
        string response;
        list info = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(prim_to_find, [PRIM_POSITION]);
        vector pos = llList2Vector(info, 0);
        response = "\nRoot is at " + (string)llGetPos();
        response += "\nPrim #" + (string)prim_to_find + " is at " + (string)pos;
        // Uncomment the next line to have the script self-delete

Thanks Christine. The script worked great. It gave the exact location. So I made a plywood box and using the numbers, sent it to that location. But guess what. There's nothing there! Seriously. It's empty air. Nothing highlights when I select the area or the build. Nothing shows red in transparent mode. It's like the prim that isn't. I think the only way around it is to delink the build and relink it prim by prim.
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If the location appeared empty then perhaps Graham's suspicion about an ultra small prim would be correct.
I think the only way around it is to delink the build and relink it prim by prim.
Certainly the delink/relink option should get you a usable result, but I'd be inclined to do that on a sandbox where you aren't surrounded by your own creations and then follow up with an area search on your own name to see if the by now unlinked mystery prim shows up.
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