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Important Products that need adjustment

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:02 am
by Isis Ophelia
I have set sofar some shoes to be exportable. I noticed that 2 customers had bought the same product twice. And wondering what the reason could be. Until one of them made a review and mentioned that the resizer script did not work. I contacted the customer and uploaded the boots to her grid to give her a redeliverung. I found out that in her grid running Opensim 0.8.2 shoes can not be made smaller using Edit. The reason it's an old odeness in Opensim which still uses the SL minimum prim size of 0.010 while in Opensim the viewers can let a prim shrink to sizes small as 0.001.

For my customers, please do not purchase a failing item a 2nd time, as Kitely allows refunds only in KC and they keep the paid commission.

Around 2 years ago I reported this problem to Oren, who was the one who found out about the hard coded minimum of 0.01 and fixed it for Kitely (thanks Oren for the info or I wouldn*t know why my customers are getting problems adjusting in other grids)

This is a big problem for merchants like me selling exportable shoes but also for any other seller of e.g. jewelry or any other product that uses tiny prims. I*ve found a report in the Opensim Mantis from September 2012, that has not gotten much attention
I would appreciate if Kitely would let them know that this fix is needed.

But in the meantime, and as many grids do not upgrade to newer Opensim version so quick (some are still running 0.7.6), important for the customers it's that you always make a copy of the product before you try to adjust. Test the copy and if you can't adjust it, please contact support of your home grid asking them to fix the minimum size to fit the sizes for non physical prims to fit the size in Opensim of 0.001. They can fix it manually.

And if you are my customer, please contact me. I receive offline messages sent to my Gmail. In the case of the customer I mentioned above, I had to reset the script a few times until it worked. In reaction to this problem, I will soon have a resizer script that will let the customer reset the script and I hope, that this add-on will help resizing shoes which otherwise can not be resized. All my exportable shoes will be updated as soon as I get the improved script and ask you to please let me know how it worked for you. Thank you.

Re: Important Products that need adjustment

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:23 am
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Isis,

When the merchant refunds using the marketplace Refund option Kitely does not keep the commission, the commission is refunded in KC as well so the buyer gets the full value of the item in KC.