Info missing in re-delivery messages

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Info missing in re-delivery messages

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When you ask the Kitely Market to re-deliver a product to someone on another grid, it does not always work. I accept that, but I would like to know which deliveries failed, and which ones succeeded. When you click on re-deliver, a confusing series of dialog boxes pop up asynchronously up to a few minutes later. The boxes labeled "Item Delivery Failed" does not tell you what item it failed to deliver or who it failed to deliver it to. All it says is:
We couldn't deliver an item from Kitely Market to the receiving avatar.
An error occurred while transferring the items to the receiving avatar's grid.
Typically, I'm pressing re-deliver a dozen or more times and I get a half a dozen of these messages piled on top of each other (with the background getting successively darker, a cute effect). None of them are very helpful when you don't know who or what they are for.
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Re: Info missing in re-delivery messages

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Kayaker,

You're right, we need to add that information to the error message in order to better cover the usage scenario you described. It's a simple fix, we'll do so in our next site update.
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