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Talk about community-managed projects in Kitely
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Re: Community projects

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Paislee wrote:Community projects are the glue that can bring the community closer together. :-) It's a great idea to have ideas out in the open for a variety of projects so individuals can gravitate to pursuits that they are comfortable with.
Which brings things neatly back to...

Possible community projects for the future
Kitely Welcome Center 2.0
Events, Concerts, Parties -- including their promotion
Gridwide Hunts
Welcoming newcomers to Kitely, and helping them to settle here
Forum search tool
Sponsored land for artists/others

A documentation project is just getting going, with Marstol and Deuce and myself so far, though I suspect there will be more joining in -- several expressed interest and suggested ideas when it was discussed in a Community Meeting a couple of weeks ago.

The other projects on the list (and more) are there for the taking. Go for it!
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Re: Community projects

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Hmmm ....
so far I restrained myself from commenting in this thread as I saw a lot of emotions set free in the discussion. Well it seems that it did calm down some and so I dare to do so – just to give my point of view:
As I love Kitely for the wide options and the freedom it provides at unprecedented cost for the user, I definitely would like to contribute to the community whereever my skills may be of use and time is manageable (the last part causing the the most restrictions as I - like so many - have some work to do for a living in rl and a not to forget – a private life in rl as well).
With regard to community projects I'd like to focus on someting that helps convincing the web 2.0 community that Kitely is not just one more OpenSim grid among so many others, but that Kitely is a place where players like to play and interact with each other.
Kitely has seen some initiatives lately, that start to move in this direction, like the events organized by Freda , Shandon and Serene, the great April Hunt and the events boards from Dundridge, Selby and Deuce. However this is still not drawing a lot of in-world presence and activity - especially not by newcomers. This seems to me a general OpenSim problem and we can solve it only by offering uniqueness, a broader diversity of options and - even more important - by making people aware - beyond Kitely borders in the Metaverse and among SL refugees - of what Kitely has to offer.
While keeping Kitely's strength - great showcase worlds, active & responsive community and high level grid technology - we need to drive an aspect more that - in my eyes - still causes the largest gap to the SL-experience:
The combination of animated chatroom with a high level of avatar-interaction with other players and player-interaction with the region. A symptom for this lack of interaction is e.g. the missing of the most simple binary interaction, a hug & kiss -HUD. A successful virtual world lives to a significant degree from empathy between players - spontaneous roleplay reflecting the whole palette of emotions life has to offer. In more than one year in Kitely I have not seen any such interaction between players beyond IM and Forum discussions. For one because there is very limited option to do iteractive play, secondly because Kitely has not been able to motivate players, who would like to do so, to stay and spend time in Kitely. :!:
So my focus on community projects likely will be to work against this percieved deficit. I think Kitely needs strong interactive tools minimum at the same level, but ideally in some aspects unique / superior, to what they know from other vw’s including SL. My focus for the rest of 2014 will be on improved single- and multiposing and on videoboards which I’m happy to discuss for use and customization and make them available in any community-build project that may have need for that.
Don't count on me for documentation (simply not my thing) or organizing regularly sheduled events (need to stay flexible due to rl obligations).
Spontaneous events .....that's a different story - I might go for it occasionally and hope that more then one or two show up (so far 3 make a crowd in OpenSim already). ;)

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Re: Community projects

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Super post, Min. You've pinpointed an excellent potential project -- good luck! :D
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Re: Community projects

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I will soon launch Free Voiced RL Photography Classes and along with them open free Museum-Gallery for people to send in photos and build little by little an inworld display

Im still too busy building Virtual Lisbon but count on me to give some contribution to community projects

Anyone interested can joint my group - LOFF VIRTUAL WORLDS AT KITELY - And wait for notices


PS - Im glad to lecture the classes on other folks worlds as long there is a slide viewer and voice enabled
Join Kitely Group --> Virtual Lisbon - Free & Safe
Join Me on Facebook -->
Kitely World - Virtual Lisbon --> ... ual-Lisbon
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Re: Community projects

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I've invited many of you to the new group SLexit, for those interested in helping to promote opensim, particularly Kitely, to SLers, and to educate them on how to immigrate, the advantages of OS and Kitely over SL (price, NPCs, bigger sims, export/import of meshes, hypergridding, etc). We are now establishing an Opensim Embassy in SL, and need your support, in the form of graphics to promote your favorite grids and locations, notecards and other promotional media (a prim magazine about Kitely and/or opensim would be nice), and to host educational events at the embassy to teach people about opensim, using the Kitely marketplace, etc. Rosa Alekseev and Mark Lock are managing things in SL, you can contact them for an LM to the Embassy at its present location (they are currently shopping for a better location) on a 4600 sqm parcel.
We have also received donations to support launching an SLexit sim in Kitely to meet and coordinate this work, to provide space for movers to learn more once they arrive, etc. We are starting to receive support from various grid owners and leaders, if you know of grids that may be interested in promoting their grids in SL, have them contact me.
SLexit is open join, so feel free to add friends of yours. We will be having our first organizational meeting this coming week, look for it on the schedule. (we may do two meetings given some users are european) Mark and Rosa have created the Opensim Embassy and SLexit groups in SL as well, and those of you who still participate in SL are encouraged to join and assist them there.
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