FLOWER POWER - Colour OpenSim & Spread Flowers at Hypergrid

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FLOWER POWER - Colour OpenSim & Spread Flowers at Hypergrid

Post by Carlos Loff » Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:18 pm

Hi, Virtual London 2077 has launched its first free community project - FLOWER POWER

You are all invited to engage for free - Let´s see how creative you can be, either making Flowers either using them to decorate

FLOWER POWER - Colour Opensim - Spread Flowers all over the Hypergrid

>>> Flower Power aims to contribute for more Colour Happyness and Creativity over the Hypergrid by stimulating Creators to build and spread original flower plants and herbs and visitors to take them for free, offer them to friends and use them on their worlds decoration

>>> The Battersea Park - Flower & Herb Garden - is built according to Virtual London 2077 spirit, showing a futuristic layout but showcasing an ecologycal and efficient driven greenhouse, including fluids recycling under the planters and outdoor giant power solar sails

How Creators Help

- Touch free group joiner for perms

- Choose and take 1 free eco-planter

- Use the free board next to planter

- Drag up to 3 of your Land Pics + Landmark

- Plant up to 7 different Freebie Flowers

How Visitors Help

- Choose your free flowers at will

- Offer flowers to your friends

- Spread flowers on your worlds

- Touch boards to visit creators

Visit & Help at Battersea Park - Herb & Flower Garden
>>> [url]hop://osgrid.kitely.com:8002/VIRTUAL%20LONDON%202077/191/85/26[/url]


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