Free Venues for Your Projects at My Fixed Price 16 SIMs

Talk about community-managed projects in Kitely
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Free Venues for Your Projects at My Fixed Price 16 SIMs

Post by Carlos Loff » Tue Oct 07, 2014 11:48 am

16 SIMs Virtual London has gone fixed price so no more stress about visitors costs

I want to make it very much alive so whoever wants to develop any kind of community projects please IM Carlos Loff avi to arrange for the right venue and gadgets for projects such as - Education Classes, Music Concerts, Arts Exhibitions, Themed Conferences, Contests & Competitions, etc, etc:

Im open to projects that need only a regular events spot free of visitors costs but also to the elaborate ones that need to become more attached to buildings and continuity events

Im now ready to offer - Free of any costs at all:
- Huge appealing places
- Event parcel managing perms
- London fine replicas from RL
- Big builds/objects rezz allowance
- 100 Avis allowance free of costs
- Animated gadgets and poseballs
- Events promotion channels

Why such a kindness from Me ?
>>> In return I get many visitors preference and "word of mouth", possible future tenants for elaborate homes, offices and stores, diverse media attention and above all a growing "fans group" to help develop future sponsors and future business areas

Come and help Me, come and help You - Help Us All

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