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Getting the word out: publicising events and worlds

Posted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:32 pm
by Dot Matrix
Here's a summary of some of the suggestions made at the Kitely Community Meeting on 1 February 2015.

Use your inworld Profile
Cordts wrote:One thing I see is that most of us show up as off line, have no self picture in Profile, have nothing about ourselves in the About section, have no Picks in profiles. It makes me wonder how friendly we all look to outsiders when they run into us. Profiles are a great way to tell others about the grid I think. Empty ones not good
Serene suggested adding the Selby's Kitely event calendar and Roxy's event calendar to your Profile.
Serene wrote:I just added the links by going to Avatar > Profile > and copying them into the description. Could probably do as picks also [e.g. add common event venues to your Picks list.
Use the Kitely Community Group chat
Encourage newcomers (and others) to join the Kitely Community group by clicking the poster on the kiosk near the coffee area in the Kitely Welcome Center.
Tully wrote:I think at one point we discussed having people be put in that group by default on joining. I think there was fear that some would react badly to that. But I think it might be a good idea anyway.
Announce events that are about to happen in Kitely Community group chat, so that members online get to know about them (if they haven't already heard via other channels). It's also a good way to quickly find others if you have a question.

Join and post to relevant Google+ Communities
Kitely Virtual
Metaverse Tours
Hypergrid Events
The Sun & Moon Group
Seanchai Libraries
OpenSim Virtual

Use Flickr to post photos of events as they happen, and of photogenic places in Kitely
Serene wrote:Firestorm allows you to post pictures directly to Flickr. That lets people share them easily. What I do is post as I go and then go back and edit later, trying to remember to add the full grid address of the region.
Here's an example:
Metaverse Tour at Evensong by virtuallyserenejewell, on Flickr

Use tags such as "Kitely", "OpenSim", "Hypergrid", "Metaverse", "Virtual World", plus any associated with the event in question. In the description, put the world webpage address and the hypergrid address:

Code: Select all Welcome Center
Leela commented how people in SL use Flickr to find regions to visit, especially high-quality mesh builds and regions with artistic photo value. There are examples of both on Kitely -- let's show them off on Flickr!

Make videos and post them on YouTube
YouTube is another way people find places to explore, said Leela.

Min mentioned a video of the Rose Theater in SL as an example of the quality needed: "We should do such videos from our best worlds".

Selby suggested making short videos that show what can be done in virtual worlds. He also mentioned his blog post summarising resources for making inworld videos.