Virtual land rental info to newbies/migrants

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Virtual land rental info to newbies/migrants

Post by Mike Lorrey » Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:17 pm

As was discussed at the Sunday community meeting, there is a communications gap between residents who have land available for newbs and migrants to use til they are settled into Kitely and want to get their own region. There were a number of recommendations including:

a) Getting inworld search working so people can find classifieds, land listings, etc as they are used to doing in SL
b) Having a user-droppable billboard in the Welcome Area region, like exist in a number of high traffic SL welcome areas, into which residents can drop ad textures and notecards/landmarks for new visitors to peruse.
c) have well indicated clickable devices that open a kitely forum board of land listings.

Ozwell has indicated he would be amenable to adding these things to the Welcome region if Ilan okayed it. Fixing inworld search is more of a developmental coding issue. Does anyone else have other ideas?
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