Will Gloebits be supported in Kitely Market?

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Re: Will Gloebits be supported in Kitely Market?

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Hi Luna,

You spent a total of 6300 KC on 3 Kitely Marker banner ads that showed your store's logo but not description of what the potential buyer can find there. Those ads had a CTL (click through rate) of 0.54%. The ads looked nice but they didn't give the person seeing them any reason to see what they lead to (in other words people who don't know your brand wouldn't know what the ad is for). Of the 24 clicks your Kitely Market ads got, you got one sale that is directly associated with those ad clicks, which amounts to a 4.2% conversion rate which is considered great for ads.

My recommendation is to use ads that tell and show the potential buyer what they can find in your store. You'll get more people clicking them and thus more people buying from your marketplace store.
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