Firestorm and Opensim

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Firestorm and Opensim

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Reading the latest information on the firestorm website , I am wondering where we are heading to in matters of FS viewer compatibility and the Kitely grid. It seems the FS developers are dealing with lack of coders who have time and skills to work for maintenance for the FS OS viewer version. Main issue is also the huge variety in Opensim coding its makes it difficult to keep viewers working well for all grids.
Im wondering what our alternative will be when FS will make a choice and focus on the SL grid. ( I dont know If that ever happens .. but this seems to be an issue now )

As Kitely users depend on the FS viewer, im curious what the plans are for the future in this. Maybe a good subject for the Sunday meeting?
( I apologize when I missed some information about this subject)
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Re: Firestorm and Opensim

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Trouble,

First, the current version of Firestorm works and people can download it from our site directly here ... ual+Worlds. So, worst case, even if newer versions of Firestorm stop supporting OpenSim, then at least that will remain an available option going forward.

That said, other options such as Singularity or Alchemy can also work with OpenSim so their long-term support for it may have a different fate than that of Firestorm if that ever becomes an issue.
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