Is 120k / 150k prims enough?

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Re: Is 120k / 150k prims enough?

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Hi Snoots. Yes I have some opensim instances running on my home computer to experiment with stuff but that's just a "workshop" and not for anyone to see. While the server resources are much less limited, the human ones (time, energy) stay the same, so you can't realistically build a large area with the same attention to detail/effort as a small one (unless it's a 10 years project like you mentioned, I guess). I'm not trying to argue for or against either, I'm just curious about what people have experienced while building their large worlds.
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Re: Is 120k / 150k prims enough?

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Yes, that's understandable. For many individuals, likely a single region or a 4x4 would be a good choice. Larger areas such as Wellspring, Tessin are perhaps best employed when:

1. An individual has big plans for a long-term project.

2. A team or group wishes to create a joint project.

3. An individual wants lots of space but knows s/he can't develop it alone... so goes with a large world and rents out plots or regions to others. That allows multiple people to create content while still having lots of room. (Tessin did that for the benefit of vast sailing waters.)

4. You're a dwagon and have no understanding whatsoever of limitations of any kind. :mrgreen:
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Re: Is 120k / 150k prims enough?

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As Snoots brings out, there are a variety of approaches towards building/creating extensive environments.

Over the past decade or so I've been privileged to work with some very talented individuals who have created beautiful, immersive environments across single regions or 2x2s -- among them Shenn Tao and Paislee Myrtle. They gave permission for those builds to be saved as OARs.

It would be possible (using DreamGrid tools on my own computer) to combine those OARs into a single 8x8 MegaWorld -- if I wanted to.

Instead, I've opted, with Paislee, to share a Kitely Starter Organisation to manage a set of Standard and Advanced Worlds, some being freshly created by Paislee, others combining and updating older builds. Because Kitely allows choice of physics engines for individual worlds these "ODEies but goodies" can continue to be enjoyed.
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