Inworld Transactions?

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Bryce Tully
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Inworld Transactions?

Post by Bryce Tully »

Is there an easy way to see our inworld transactions on the website? I like to keep track of my monthly sales and planning on putting my store in world wanting to see the sales / transactions for this. I see in Account History I can see "Sell Item" but other than clicking on each individual event I can't see a way to see what was sold. Are inworld stores not done, do people just not track sales like that or am I missing a page?
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Re: Inworld Transactions?

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Bryce,

As you said, you can see your inworld transactions in your Account History page, which you can also export to a CSV file and then open in Excel.

But the best way to manage sales in Kitely is by selling in Kitely Market, which includes analytics, and various reports that can help you understand and optimize your sales. You can then display the item inworld and lick it to a Kitely Market product listing to enable people to purchase it from the marketplace.
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