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Nadia Divine 2
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uploading oar

Post by Nadia Divine 2 »

I want to upload oars I have for my virtual world but every time I upload it says failed. These are oars i got from Outworldz and also kitely. Si why can't I upload them. Also It was my intention to get the university. how can I get it. I thought I had selected it. another thing? I want others to log into my world but when I put my information in, it says it's not a world. I put this in firestorm viewer, and add to grid games but it isn't accepting. why? the reason I chose to use kitely vs doing it myself on my machine was the fact that kitely can be online even if I am not and I don't have to worry about shutting down my pc and people not able to log into their account. Help HELP help HELLLPPPP! :cry:
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: uploading oar

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Hi Nadia,

What is the exact error message you're getting when you try to upload the OAR file? Are you doing this using the Replace World function in the Access tab of your world's Mange World dialog? Can you please send me a link to the page from which you got this OAR file?

Are you referring to creating a world using the Universal Campus world template or to an OAR file of that build that you've downloaded from somewhere?

The easiest way for people to log into your world is for you to give them the address of your world page (click the world of your name in your My Worlds page to open its world page). That world page contains both a big Enter World button that Kitely users can use to log into (or teleport) into that world and the world's Hypergrid address which non-Kitely users can use to teleport to your world from other grids. See, for example, the Kitely Welcome Center's world page: https://www.kitely.com/virtual-world/Il ... ome-Center
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