Physical prims and how to remove them

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Toby Mikle
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Physical prims and how to remove them

Post by Toby Mikle »

I have about 10kprims on my land and I know I have some prims with physics underground or here and there. I cannot find them and my whole sim is lagging. I can go through all 10k and link > take in sections and then return all objects. Would this be the fastest way or is there another way?
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Ilan Tochner
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Physical prims and how to remove them

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Toby,

You can use the Top Colliders function in your viewer to find the objects that are creating load on your world's physics engine.

See the Viewer Based Tools section on this page: ... erformance

You can also use the Area Search function to find Physical objects in your world:
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Snoots Dwagon
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Re: Physical prims and how to remove them

Post by Snoots Dwagon »

Another way to locate physical (or other prims) underground is to visually search for them. This is especially helpful for non-physical objects.

You will need to set your Viewer to allow you to look underground. To do this, Disable Camera Constraints and any other viewing restraints defaulted in the Viewer.

To see transparent objects, turn on Transparency view. (Ctrl-Alt-T)

Start at location <0,0,0> as dropped physical prims for some reason over time seem to converge in the SW corner of a region.

Using your camera look underground. It's usually pretty easy to see, edit and delete rogue prims.

And of course the Top Colliders instructions Ilan gave is a great one for eliminating the worst offenders, as you can return or delete those without leaving your easy chair. : )
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Alexina ProctorAda Radius
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Ada Radius
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Re: Physical prims and how to remove them

Post by Ada Radius »

Area Search (found in the Toolbar Buttons) is my personal favorite on big worlds, along with the Region Debug settings. In Area Search we can set Find for name, owner, creator, description, group, last owner. It's pretty good about partial names. And/or Filter for Locked, Temporary, Physical, Attachment, Phantom, Shared Media, or perms: Copy, Modify, Transfer. Or For Sale, Distance, Current Parcel and what type object you're looking for.

It'll display a list with quite a few options on what to display, and also give you options to teleport to the object, show a beacon, or just delete, return or take it from wherever in the world.

Very useful with fixing OAR backup issues, cleaning out duplicates and strays, as well as the pesky weirdos that end up at 0.0.0. Especially for good working in teams with a private channel Talk when there's a lot to do.
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