Items in My Suitcase are not rezzing across Hypergrid

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Re: Items in My Suitcase are not rezzing across Hypergrid

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As a follow-on to my previous post (and not necessarily related to Mike's problems) if you HG around the place with a very large MySuitcase inventory you are expecting each of the servers you come into contact with to transfer quite a lot of stuff and this will take time. I've been told some grids will actually limit the size of such a transfer so you wouldn't necessarily get access to everything you think is in the suitcase.

What I do is maintain separate folders in my main inventory on what I regard as my home grid for every other grid I work on where I don't have a local account. They get updated when I leave any grid I have HGed into and I clear the MySuitcase folder of all but a few tools I like to have available anywhere. When returning to any grid I then restore only what I need for that grid to MySuitcase before I go. Traveling light really helps :) .
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