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Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 10:46 pm
by Min Tigerpaw
Request to support more fonts for dynamic textures in Kitely:
One of the nice featurtes of opensim is the option to create textures on the go - including text.
While most of the osSet... comands work nicely in Kitely there is one deficit with regard to fonts:
Setting font with osSetFontName works - but there are nearly no fonts!
Most other grids in opensim - like e.g. osGrid, Metro and Craft support at least a small selection of more fancy fonts.
Kitely currently obviously only some (very boring ones):
FontNames that work are:
Bitstream Vera Serif
Times New Roman

Fontnames that work additionally in all tested other opensim grids:
Zapf Chancery
Comic Sans MS
Andale Mono
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
Courier New

Interestingly some of those had worked in KItely previously, when I created my boards. But they stopped working some time back - probably when moving servers.
Ilan, Oren - it should not be a big deal to add some fancy fonts to the options in KItely - at least the ones that work everywhere should also be available in Kitely.
For creating good looking signs, boards, guestbooks etc. this is a must.
I'd even encourage to put more than so far in opensim in oder to allow more kalligraphic design of text in signs etc.
Below I show the results with my font-analyzer - first in other opensim and below in Kitely.

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:20 am
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Min,

We switched Linux distribution a while back so it's possible the new one doesn't include the same collection of fonts. We can look into adding more fonts in a future site update (they need to be ones we can legally distribute without a license).

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:39 pm
by Min Tigerpaw
That would be great, Ilan, if you could include them ...There should be tons of free fonts available .. for Opensim compatibility the ones I mentioned should be included ... especially the first three. But I'd encourage to ad some 10-20 nice fonts to enable design options. :)

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:20 pm
by Serene Jewell
Putting good design tools in the hands of the users helps make Kitely look good. Strongly encourage this.

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:34 pm
by Oren Hurvitz
Hi Min,

I'm looking into this issue.

First, could you share the object or script you used to list available fonts? It would help me to check if installing new fonts work.

Second, I noticed that we have more fonts installed than you've listed, but under other names. For example, try these fonts:
  • URW Chancery L
    Century Schoolbook L
Do they work?

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:26 pm
by Min Tigerpaw
Hi Oren,
thank you for looking into this. The device to check the fonts is a simple prim with a script that creates a dynamic texture with the list of fonts and tries to set the font according to name.
The list lFonts of font-names must be edited inside the script (I was lazy and didn't write an input via chat or NC so far). I added the three you mentioned but the fonts are not recognized.

The script creates a dynamic texture with columns of the fontnames written with the font the name stands for (if the font is active). If the font is not available the name is written in standard font (looks like Arial or similar).

I made the device free to copy and modify and placed it in my Sandbox close to the arriving point. For test just place the fonts to test in thew list and reset the script.
The fonts listed here should work with opensim if installed:

And here is an example what you could do if you have nice fonts available ...... (however others have faced the similar issue of font availsbility in opensim if you read the comments there): ... ns_12.html

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:53 am
by Oren Hurvitz
We have installed more fonts. The following new fonts are now available:

Andale Mono
Arial Black
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Times New Roman

Zapf Chancery
URW Gothic L
New Century Schoolbook

I have updated the Font Analyzer script to check for these fonts. Here's what it shows now:
And this is the updated script:

Code: Select all

//fonttest MT

list lFonts = ["Abadi MT","Agency FB","Algerian","Andale Mono","Arial","Arial Rounded MT","Avant-Garde","Baskerville Old Face","Bauhaus 93","Beesknees ITC","Bell MT","Berlin Sans FB","Bernard MT","BernhardMod BT","Bitstream Vera Sans","Bitstream Vera Sans Mono","Bitstream Vera Serif","Blackadder ITC","Blackletter 686 BT","Book Antiqua","Bookman Old Style","Bradley Hand ITC","Braggadocio","Britannic","Broadway","Brush738 BT","Brush Script MT","Brushwood Italic","Californian FB","Calisto MT","CaslonOpenface BT","Castellar","Centaur","Century Gothic","Century Schoolbook","Chiller","Colonna MT","Comic Sans MS","Cooper","Copperplate Gothic","Courier","Courier New","Curlz MT","Desdemona","Edwardian Script ITC","Elephant","Engravers MT","EngraversGothic BT","Eras ITC","Eurostile","Felix Titling","Flexure","Footlight MT","Forte","Franklin Gothic Book","Freestyle Script","French Script MT","Garamond","Georgia","Gigi","Gill Sans MT","Gloucester MT","Goudy Old Style","Goudy Stout","Gradl","Haettenschweiler","Harlow Solid Italic","Harrington","Helvetia","High Tower Text","Hippo","Humanist521 Bold Cn BT","Impact","Imprint MT Shadow","Informal Roman","Jokerman","Juice ITC","Kino MT","Kristen ITC","Kunstler Script","LcdD","Lucida Blackletter","Lucida Calligraphy","Lucida Fax","Lucida Handwriting","Lucida Sans","Lucida Sans Typewriter","Magneto","Maiandra GD","Matisse ITC","Matura MT Script Capitals","Mead","Mercurius Script MT","Mistral","Modern No. 20","Monotype Corsiva","MS Sans Serif","News Gothic MT","Niagara Engraved","Niagara Solid","
OCR A","Old English Text MT","Onyx","Onyx BT","Oz Handicraft BT","Palace Script MT","Palatino Linotype","Papyrus","Parchment","Perpetua Titling MT","Placard Condensed","Playbill","Poor Richard","Pristina","QuickType","Rage","Ransom","Ravie","Ribbon131 Bd BT","Rockwell","Script MT","ShelleyVolante","Showcard Gothic","Snap ITC","Stencil","Swiss721 BlkEx BT","Tahoma","Tempus Sans ITC","Terminal","Times New Roman","T-Roman","Transam","Trebuchet MS","Tw Cen MT","Utopia","Verdana","Viner Hand ITC","Vivaldi","Vladimir Script","Westminster","Wide Latin","Xerox Sans Serif","Xerox Serif","Utopia","Zapf Chancery",

// Microsoft fonts
"Andale Mono", "Arial", "Arial Black", "Calibri", "Cambria", "Comic Sans MS", "Candara", "Consolas", "Constantia", "Corbel", "Courier New", "Georgia",  "Impact", "Times New Roman", "Webdings",

// urw-fonts
"Bookman", "Zapf Chancery", "URW Gothic L", "Palatino", "New Century Schoolbook"

string sContentType = "vector";
string sData = "";                               
string sExtraParams = "width:1024,height:1024";
integer i;
integer j;
integer k;

draw_fonts(list fonts)
    sData += "PenSize 5; ";
    sData += "PenColour Red; "; 
    sData += "FontSize 14; ";    
    for (i = 0; i <= llGetListLength(fonts); ++i)
        if (i>=40)
            j= i-40;
            k= 250;
        if (i>=80)
            j= i-80;
            k= 500;
        if (i>=120)
            j= i-120;
            k= 750;
        sData += "MoveTo "+(string)k+","+(string)(20*j)+"; ";
        string name = llList2String(fonts,i);
        sData += "FontName "+name+"; Text "+name+";";

    osSetDynamicTextureData("", sContentType, sData, sExtraParams, 0);


Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:25 am
by Gavin Hird
Thanks for the script.

Not relevant to Kitely, but when OpenSim is running on OS X all fonts installed on the system (globally available from /Library/System/Fonts) are also available to OpenSim via mono. All the Microsoft fonts listed in the script are installed on OS X by default + a bunch of fonts that Apple has licensed since 1984 such as Helvetica.

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:55 pm
by Min Tigerpaw
Super Oren're my hero!

here are some of the fonts in action:

Re: Fonts in Kitely and Opensim for dynamic textures

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:13 am
by Brayla Sana
I know this is a bit of a necro, but have you considered adding some Google fonts?

Or Font Squirrel?

IMO, Font Squirrel has some fantastic fonts. In font Squirrel, click the sample and it has the license in a tab. If you want, I can look for some nice ones that use the SIL Open Font License, which is the license you want.