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Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:35 pm
by Saggio Tisch
I'm a member of a real life cooperative art gallery and interested in creating a virtual gallery for members of that gallery to display their work on my Kitely site. I've created a demo gallery of my own work to show to gallery members. This far I have a number of interested artists, however several of them lack confidence that they can manage the technology involved to hang their own work on the gallery walls. I assure them that it's not too difficult, and even shown them the process, but the reluctance remains.

What I propose to do is to ask those who need help to send me their image files and I will upload the files as textures to Kitley, place them on the frames or backing boards I've created and hang them on the gallery's walls. Here's where the difficulty begins and I have a couple of questions about my approach.

The art object files will list me as the creator and owner of the images I hang. To compensate for that I intend to include information in each item's description indicating the name of the original artist and that the work is being displayed with their permission. In addition, I'll include a notecard with further information about the art object and how the viewer can purchase a real life copy if they have interest. Obviously, the limitation of this approach is that I cannot (or should not) sell virtual copies of the art available in the gallery or marketplace, since they are associated with my account, not the original artist.

I'm hoping that as the artist members create their avatars and get more comfortable with Kitely, they will replace the art objects I have hung with their own versions.

I have two questions. One, can I hang other people's art as long as I have their permission, I indicate they are the creator, and I'm not selling their work on Kitely. Secondly, is there any way I can change the information in the edit menu for an object so that they are listed as the creator and owner of the piece rather than me? Any other approaches that I'm not aware of?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

Saggio Tisch

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:49 pm
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Saggio,

If you can get them to create an account and upload the items themselves then they'll be listed as the creator. Otherwise, changing this information would require exporting the world to an OAR file (using the Export World function in the Files tab of your world's Manage World dialog), manually editing the XML files the OAR file contains then using the Replace World function on your world to replace its contents with the updated objects.

That isn't a requirement though. If you have the copyright holder's permission to upload their content into Kitely then it is okay, at least with us, that you be listed as the creator inworld. That said, you should refrain from doing anything with that content for which you didn't get explicit permission from the copyright holders.

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:14 pm
by Chris Namaste
hi saggio,i didnt,hear from y project yet and i donno what artists, ulookfor?
im a rl painter (not anymore had to stop my carreer & painting),but i kept many photos etc
i donno why its a system that seems diffic for pple to hang up?
why not just giving group rezzrights and everyone hangs it up how they love to be represented for exemple?
or is it only for 3D items & builds and so ?
anyway, honestly,i wld, never give my work to another person xept my rl partner... as u know surely as well,too much happens & its 'normal' sadly that pple are very careful
i hope to find y expo in kitely :)

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:19 pm
by Saggio Tisch
Hi Ian,
Thanks for the information. It helps clarify my options. I think I'll upload and hang a few of their images, then encourage them to become familiar with the technology so they can eventually replace what I've hung and add additional images of their own.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your interest in our gallery project. Right now the art being shown will be limited to those who are currently members of our local physical gallery. Many local galleries in towns and cities have traditional web sites and Facebook pages, but I thought it would be novel to also have a virtual gallery as well.

I know that for those of us who use the computer a great deal and have experience in virtual worlds like Kitely and Second Life, hanging some art objects on a wall is not a big deal. However, many of the artists I'm working with are older folks who are computer novices and an interface like Firestorm is a bit overwhelming to them. I'm hoping that I can gradually get them comfortable with the technology, and having their work on view might encourage them to give it a try.


Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:28 pm
by Tre Veracity
I've had a similar idea, and have a great gallery designed and built...but i'm kind of stuck also. I am trying to get rl artists i know to join and upload cuz that's so important, but I also want to show classical public domain art pieces and include notecards with lots of info on them. I also reeall wwould like to show off all the gorgeous work in 3D that is being done here...but getting people together into an event is the tricky part and making sure that it gets enough pub. that it will be well attended. I think having a Share Fair would be so cool. I love it here. I've seen such amazing things! so, Chris Namnaste I would love to show off some of your work...I'm still thinking...but hope to stay in touch with both of you to pursue this, perhaps collaborative? idea.

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:16 am
by Saggio Tisch
Good to see other people are thinking of ways to share their art in a virtual space. My model for my world is based on an experience I had many years ago as a member of an art colony along the coast of New England. I'd love to create a virtual art community to recapture that experience. My goal is to start by convincing some of the members of a local community art gallery to show their work here. I have about 8-10 possible people at this point. Most are photographers and painters, but I also have one jeweler and one wood worker (wood turner).

I've also thought about having another gallery on the site to feature the art of local students from the public schools if I can interest their art teachers.

As you mention, the key once you have some work to display is how to get the word out, host some events and draw visitors to the site. Perhaps if there are several worlds with art to display we can hold a joint gathering, similar to the art walks that some towns and cities host.


Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:29 pm
by Eileen O'Connor
I am coming in as a teacher who tries to get her students (adults and kids) to bring more of their work into VR spaces. I deal with the learning curve issue and getting others to understand the features / affordances. I am doing the work myself of the uploading and documenting. I hope some day to have this big enough to have the issue of having others posting directly. I am meantime thanks for the "chat" - I am learning a lot from your postings and it is good to hear that others are struggling too to bring newbies into these environments.

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:00 pm
by Hypatia Emerson
I can certainly understand being new and remember my first try at hanging something - took hours! However this may help :)

Uploading a texture here is pretty much the same as almost any website so that part is easy. You have the backers for the texture. Those you can place yourself so no worries on learning how to arrange things in 3d space. All you need is a script to drop in the backer that asks for the UUID and places that picture on the backer and maybe takes a prim they create - (right click on the ground and click create - not hard) and makes it small invisible and linked to the backer as the root prim. I know this is possible in SL as I have seen a script that attaches that very thing to clothing to aid people texturing other peoples cloths to apply things fast. Though there are some minor code differences I would be surprised if you can't do it here. They may have to buy the backer from you but again right click buy any newbie can do that. VIOLA! One original artist print they can then right click and set the perms you tell them to (I don't believe a script can do that but I'm not sure).
That would put them a few short keystrokes from selling them (fyi the script can set them for sale as well) either in world or on the market so I can hang a copy on my (currently nonexistent) wall!

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:15 pm
by Ferrator Montoya
Are you looking for Art?
I currently work with Sendalonde Library and Featherburr, setting out displays.
Since the demise of InWorldz and the crash of a computer I have, unfortunately, lost a LOT of my pieces. Mostly sculptures. 3D .DAE/Collada pieces.
Hopefully I can retrieve something from the disk (never done that).

OK, stop rambling you silly ferretoid!

I am always doing some manner of piece and will work with suggestions.
I also have several pieces on "boards". Both for walls and on easels.
Now while I may have, long ago, had RL aspirations, my work is all "digital media", i.e., .DAE files or .PNG files I have created on graphics programs.

Maybe we could talk?

Re: Creating Virtual Art Gallery

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:34 pm
by Ferrator Montoya
...I guess not...