HG unwanted friendship offer frustration

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Tess Juel
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HG unwanted friendship offer frustration

Post by Tess Juel »

When I visited the OS grid abaout a month ago I was hit by one of those out-of-the-blue friendship offers from a stranger who didn't even bother to say hello first. I rejevted it of course but now every single time I visit the OS grid it pops up again!

I thought it would end eventually but it hasn't yet and I'm getting tired of it. Does anybody know how to stop it?

I found a way although it's not one I'm happy with: Accept friendship offer and then immediately remove the guy from my friends list and make sure to delete the calling cards.

I really hope there's a better way though.
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Chris Namaste
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Re: HG unwanted friendship offer frustration

Post by Chris Namaste »

yeah 'knows', i havent visited there in ages,
other hg's have same, i asked (long time ago) to one of the 'who u gotta ask it to'
and it seems its everywhere that reply,
its hg i guess & its annoying :?
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