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Music quality and using bluetooth connected headphones

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:55 pm
by Trouble Ahead
Hello forum readers , just sharing this ..
I bought great headphones , with noise reduction , working on bluetooth. I connected them on my Mac , and enjoyed many hours listening to Spotify. Once I logged in Kitely (Firestorm version the music quality became horrible. Also when I tested listening to Spotify while being logged in, the quality was horrible.
It took be a bit to find out what was going on , testing the headphones, looking into music settings.. and at the end I thought it's a firestorm problem. Then another thought : maybe using the voice program vivox and music Chanel in firestorm together was the problem ( too much to ask from a bluetooth connection ) and YES that was the answer on the problem. Disable voice in preferences worked ( yay )

Headphones : JBL LIve 650 on a Mac OS Catalina.

So just disable voice and your fine with this type of wireless headphones.