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WAV file upload error "wrong chunk size"

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2023 10:35 pm
by Mike Lorrey
I use Wavepad by NCH to edit sound files for upload to opensim, and have used it reliably for several years. Today I made a wav file of dice rolling and saved it properly: MONO, 16 bit, PCM, 44100 khz. The firestorm uploader is stating this file has "wrong chunk size" even though all the settings are correct. I would appreciate it if someone would tell me what is going on cause I'm doing everything right. If you have a different sound editor I'd appreciate you looking at the file and trying to resave it.

Re: WAV file upload error "wrong chunk size"

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2023 12:54 am
by Ilan Tochner
Hi Mike,

As far as I understand the flow the viewer is giving you an error before it tries to send the data to the grid it is connected to. Are you able to upload the exact same WAV file that you've successfuly uploaded before? (Not one that you now recreate using the same method)