Booths at the OpenSim Community Conference

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Kayaker Magic
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Booths at the OpenSim Community Conference

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I saw the familiar names of a bunch of Kitely people on the Devokan Trust booth at the Open Simulator Community Conference! (Expo Zone 3, booth 11).
I have a booth there also! (Expo Zone 4, booth 22). The next time one of you are there, could you do me a favor and look at my booth? I had trouble with a few texture maps, and I am unsure if they all made it to the conference grid. Let me know if there are any blank textures or blob sculpies.
By the way, your build looks marvelous!

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Roswenthe Blackwell
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Re: Booths at the OpenSim Community Conference

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I made some tshirts, per our discussion at the community meeting last week. They're nothing too fancy, longsleeved (that you can edit to short if you want). They have a small pocket logo on the front. If you have a booth and want me to drop off a box for others to pick it up, let me know.

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