Looking for sim surroundings

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Sir Swaghorse 2
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Looking for sim surroundings

Post by Sir Swaghorse 2 »

Sorry if this is in wrong area of forums but would anyone know where I can find sim surrounds that actually go to the sims edge there were some in the kitely market but they don't come to the region's edge. Thanks
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Mally McGinnis
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Re: Looking for sim surroundings

Post by Mally McGinnis »

I just bought a Worlds End sim surround from creator Ozwell Wayfarer on Kitely Market. They are completely modifiable. If you put it into edit and press ctrl + shift, you can stretch it in either direction. I did that just last evening so I could remove the vegetation it came with and add my own. You can take it down in size to exactly fit your terrain. You can apply your own terrain textures, and even rearrange the mesh parts of his surround. You can also rotate it so it's opening best fits what you already have, then modify your terrain to fit almost seamlessly with the surround. If you'd like to see how modifiable his surrounds are:


Keep in mind that if you want to link your own objects to the surround, it needs to be resized so it fits entirely over your region. When you link the new objects to it, always select it last so it stays root. I am really pleased with this purchase, and even more pleased with Wayfarer's work.
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Amoriana Douglas
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Re: Looking for sim surroundings

Post by Amoriana Douglas »

I realize I'm a couple days late on this topic but I just had to share that I am truly impressed with all his creations. They say a picture paints a thousand words ... perhaps this may explain my feelings:

https://i.gyazo.com/d07649725abdf6f1062 ... 21b06a.jpg

Thank you very much. :D
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Dot Matrix
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Re: Looking for sim surroundings

Post by Dot Matrix »

The store Virtual Infinity (https://www.kitely.com/market?store=3741563&wt=os) also does mesh sim surrounds. These can be used adjacent to the sim edge.

The creator behind these is Zuza Ritt, owner of the 21strom store.

They are in a different style to Ozwell's creations, but can be equally effective depending on the "atmosphere" you're aiming for. For example, I use Zuza's items if I'm after a "fantastical" landscape, and Ozwell's for a more naturalistic effect.

Both are recommended.
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