Problems with Hover Height

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Problems with Hover Height

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This is most likely a Firestorm problem, but I'm hoping someone here knows how to fix it.

In my viewer view, my hover height is fine, feet on the ground. But when I view myself from an alt... and occasionally when someone else views me... I'm buried halfway in the ground.

There are no less than three different hover height settings in Firestorm: Quick Settings, Appearance/Body, and in the Default settings. All three of these read the same. Setting any of them changes my hover height overall. But if I set it where I appear on the ground to someone else, I appear floating above the ground to me. If I set it where I appear on the ground to me, I'm buried in the ground to others.

This is not always the case. Just in some cases (as I mentioned, when I'm using an Alt using the same viewer). Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.
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