Noob World/Region question

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Cooter Coorara
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Noob World/Region question

Post by Cooter Coorara »

Hi Folks. I just arrived from Second Life. I bought what I think was four regions and 60,000 prims for $19.95 a month. I now have one region and all 60,000 prims. I'm old and confuse easily so I want to make sure I do this right without boluxing everything up right out of the box.

I created a "world" called Tarnation. In that world, I named my one region "Argyle". What of the other three regions? Do I simple manage my world and add the other three regions? Can I make one of them Evergreen Island?

From Second Life, I am familiar with regions and parcels. Worlds, grids, and adding regions are a bit confusing.

Are grids Second life and OpenSim places like Kitely?

My world is Tarnation and I can I add regions to it? Are the next three included in the four I bought for $19.95? Can I add regions to Tarnation after that?

I've been googling this and scanning the topics here, but I want to understand the basics first. Thanks, in advance, if anyone can set me straight. And now you know why I named my world Tarnation.
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Re: Noob World/Region question

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Cooter,

Welcome to Kitely.

When you created your world you selected to create a Standard World (which is a world type which can be set to be up to 4 regions in size), you selected the world size to be 1 region in size and you usedthe Empty Land template to set it up.

You can resize Kitely worlds using this online tool: ... ical-tool/

And you can change your world type if/when you decide to do so to any one of our supported world types using the Change world type link in your world's Manage World dialog (which you open by pressing the Manage button in your My Worlds page on our website).

You can replace the contents of your world with an OAR file (OpenSim Archive file which you can download to your computer) but there is no OAR file for the Evergreen Island as that world is mostly created from content that can't be exported from Kitely.

As you created your world just today I recommend we delete it for you and refund your order and then you can create a new world, making sure you select Standard World for the World Type, the Kitely Evergreen Island as the World Template and World Size as 1 region (that is the only option when you use that world template). Then, once the world has been created, you'll be able to resize it to be 4 regions in size using the aforementioned online tool.

The name you select for your world is what its region will be called. Note that Kitely worlds are set up as VarRegions, meaning that each world is a single region that can be the size of multiple SL regions. In other words, once you increase your world's size to be 2x2 regions in size its X and Y coordinates will go from 0 up to almost 512 instead of from 0 up to almost 256 as they would in an SL region. This means there is no region crossing when moving from inside your world, regardless of how big it is (for example our 64-region sized Dedicated Server worlds can have X and Y coordinates that go from 0 all the way up to almost 2048).

Note that while there is only a single VarRegion per world that VarRegion can be parceled using the viewer as you would an SL region.

You can create multiple worlds in your account but worlds can't be placed adjacent to each other, so if you want a bigger continuous area connected to one of your worlds then the way to do so is to upgrade that world's Type to a World Type that supports the world size you want then enlarge that world using the aforementioned world resizing tool.

Kitely is an OpenSim grid that includes many technological improvements that aren't included in other OpenSim grids. You can travel to and from Kitely to other Hyprgrid-enabled OpenSim grids using your Kitely avatar.
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