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Storybuilders (Weavers, Illustrators and Tellers)

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Storybuilding @ Kitely

I would like to introduce myself (and storybuilding) here in the other communities section, because the topic is the best fit for a storybuilder.
I participate in gentle roleplay to further my story, but I wouldn't call myself a roleplayer. My benefactor is a certified school marm, but I am a fictive character, represented by an avatar. My benefactor feels that storybuilding is both education and entertainment for all ages and storybuilds don't fit there either.

I'm always involved with one adventure or the other, but I don't think exploring time periods and ages qualifies as alternative lifestyle. The lifestyle I live seems ordinary to me. Disregard the fact my benefactor would never cross over a deep crevice on a narrow board, or enter a portal to a time never before imagined, or swim in a shark infested sea. I would, and its all in keeping with the reason I came about in the fall of 2003 after years of being called the "Stranger."

What is storybuilding?

It is building (illustrating) a story with 3D immersion terrain, objects and scripts. Age building and time travels are common themes.
If and when there is roleplay, it is usually gentle, purposeful and played out with other storybuilders, who branch and weave together stories. The Myst/Uru saga is a good example for how avatars are represented as explorers, who unravel the mysteries of ages, puzzles and history.
It is often called a game like environment, but storybuilder games are accompanied by a back story, a character driven plot, and problems to be solved. Sometimes travellers (explorers, visitors) earn clothing, objects and whole OARs for completing expeditions and solving problems.
it is sometimes accompanied by a linear story (journal, diary or novel - see Storythreads at the Devokan Trust) The linear story is not always done. Storybuilders can tell a story without text. Placement and scripting of props can tell the story. What Lewis Carroll could only do with 2D illustration, contemporary storybuilders can do with immersion 3D.

The term storybuilder will be tweaked and redefined. Age writers and RP writers at the Devokan Trust share the process and experience of writing (includes terrain & object building).. For the best example of storybuilding, visit the free version of Uru
Visit ages at Kitely that are cropping up everywhere. Midtown Arts Museum is open for preview now. it should be nearly completed by late March 2013. From the Museum explorers will be invited to other ages, where they are asked to solve more puzzles and mysteries. Other Devokan worlds that you may want to visit include Devokan Trust, Time Vault, Stuart, Touchstone, Evergreen, Curiosity and more. The storybuilders for these worlds are sometimes actively involved in other kinds of storytelling (including limited roleplaying), but they use the storybuilding process to evolve their stories and builds.

*Note: With the exception of Myst/Uru age writers and writers at the Trust, we aren't certain whether this sort of storytelling/building is being done by other 3D world builder groups. If there are groups telling story in this way, you are invited to visit with us at the next Devokan Trust gathering to discuss the storybuilding process. Or, if you are a storybuilder and don't yet know it, let a storybuilder know that you would like to be included in a linear story branch. Age writers will work your builds into the larger story.

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