Bespoke megaprims

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Quinquifid Oddenfen
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Bespoke megaprims

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For this service, a megaprim is defined to be a basic prim with at least one dimension between 256+ and 1024, which therefore cannot be made directly within Kitely.

If you give the exact dimensions below in x, y, z format, I will make the megaprims and import them via an OAR, then offer them for sale on one of my Kitely regions.

The price will be 100 KC per batch of three, and will be made available to all.

The idea of asking for dimensions is so that I focus on the most useful sizes for active builders in Kitely.
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Re: Bespoke megaprims

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interesting interpretation...
technically in the 'digital age' mega as a quantity usually refers to 2^20, or 1,048,576
in more general use mega typically refers to unusually large, such as megacity, megarich, megaladon 🦈

for purposes of virtual worlds "megaprim" refers to prims with dimensions outside that normally permitted to be created inside the viewer

In SL that would be any prim with a dimension exceeding 64m in any direction, in Kitely that would be any prim with a dimension exceeding 256m in any direction

beware though that there have been entire theologies built on the use/applicability vs purported evil of megaprims :-D

a great use for a 512x512x512 megaprim could be as a hollow sphere to surround a 1x1 world for sfx purposes.

a cool old school trick is to torture a non-megaprim to resemble a megaprim. a 512x512 cylinder for example can be made from a 256x256 cylinder and have the appearance of a megaprim while not actually being one. (if that's of any interest to anyone i can give you the torture parameters here)
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