Texture re-color and mesh combination services

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Texture re-color and mesh combination services

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Just for reference as a few people have asked recently, I do offer both texture re-colouring and mesh combination services. Simple texture tinting or re-colouring of existing Worlds End textures or textures you own the relevant rights to. 1USD per texture. Discounts for bulk.

mesh combination involves taking a build made from components and optimizing it. So, for example if you build something from a set of Worlds End components, like the Tudor House Kit but you want lower Land Impact, I can take the model, combine the UV mapping and mesh parts into fewer pieces. In most cases significantly lowering the Land Impact costs. This can be done for most things, from rock arrangements and plants to entire structures. This service also begins at 1USD per mesh, but increases based on the size and complexity of the build and the number of textures used. There is also a discount on this service for bulk purchases.

If you would like details on any of these services, please feel free to IM me in-world or PM via the forums.

Oz :)
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