Virtual Game Jam concept

Using virtual worlds for education
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Re: Virtual Game Jam concept

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Hello Graham,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They are very interesting indeed. The RezMela work is ongoing, and we have been working behind scenes and we will demonstrate what we have come up with soon. A lot of my time went into fundraising as well (RezMela is literally what allows us to cover our real-world expenses). Pleased to say that we are now in a better position to increase the momentum on our chosen path. I believe that opensim can support our vision, and after spending a lot of time playing games such as GTA V online, we have come away with clearer goals and a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the opensim platform.
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Re: Virtual Game Jam concept

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So glad to hear you are in a good position to be moving forward in OpenSim. You do great things. Looking forward to your next demo. Call me if you need beta testers! :-)
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