mesh bodys??

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Re: mesh bodys??

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Little note, just as in sl it's not up to the creators of the platform to make the content, it's to the people who populate it.
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Re: mesh bodys??

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Austin Tate has an early 2018 blog on Ruth/Roth mesh bodies
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Re: mesh bodys??

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Mykie Medjool wrote:
Sun May 12, 2019 1:30 am
Why do I even bother checking.. Still no male mesh body's.. Wow... Smh.. Who is running this show? Dont you see the importance of mesh body's? The standard open Sim body's look horrid... Why not find a way to incentives someone to make a mesh body? Even reach out to sl brands and offer them something if they Bring their body here... I not investing my time and energy in a this platform when clearly no one els is taking this seriously... Sorry to be pissy.. I just can't belive no one is trying to fix this gaping hole.. Why even use the standard open Sim body's at all? Why even bother with a grid if it's players look like their stuck 20 years in the past?
Here is my recent article about Ruth&Roth ... -mesh.html
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Re: mesh bodys??

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for the person who writes is a rude way :

WE ARE NOT INTO STOLEN CONTENT - if u got no idea what that is, read about it : there are many SL brands and those are for SL & not hypergrid.
that's the rules of the SL brands & are respected here.
strange or new to u ?

as other pple wrote, there ARE mesh bodys available in kitely market

the free ruth & roth body is almost ready, we ALREADY use it & they are just great & work super with bento anims etc,
we as artists-creators make outfits & skins & hairs etc for them,
- more news in Mewe group : ... ar_project

if you dont like that pple are honest & go for fair products, its better u stay in sl for now isnt it.
did you try them on at least
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