Content creation, scripting, sim development, estate mgmt

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Mike Lorrey
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Content creation, scripting, sim development, estate mgmt

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Some may remember me from SL as IntLibber Brautigan, owner of BNT Holdings, the Ancapistan Capital Exchange, builder of many gorgeous sims, vehicles, devices, and structures, or as Overbrain Unplugged, who built for the SWRP community and sold through Hypersonic Space Systems. I am now operating in Kitely under my own name, Mike Lorrey, as a builder, scripter, developer and estate manager. You can find me in the Woodbury megaregion, or merely message me if you wish to retain my services. I have built entire regions in SL, from Peret, to the 53 regions of Ancapistan, the exchange buildings for WSE, VCX, AVIX and my own ACE exchanges in Venture Square, Friedman, and on the mainland next to Linden Village. I created the Linden Scanner, multichair table products, jewelry like the Second Bling SL Pendant, ACE wristwatches, the Rat Thing and 911 security systems, the famous Uriel fighter plane for the Merczateers military group, and of course I built and operated Teller Motorsports Park race tracks and Major League Combat sims, the only two private island sims on the Beta grid at the time. I am available for consultation on any issue regarding virtual world, content, business, or financial development.
I work in Real Life for a Venture Capital firm that is interested in working with transformational/disruptive technologies in startup companies looking to raise $5-$10 million or more to finance growth of their ventures. VR/AR/VW projects fall into that category. Contact me if you are interested in growing your grid or other virtual reality project, to compete head to head against Linden Lab, to take this industry forward into its next stage of evolution. I am available for skype, hangouts, or telephone discussions as well, please PM me if you wish to talk. Thank you.
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Re: Content creation, scripting, sim development, estate mgm

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Perhaps you may find the g+ community of opensim virtual to best market multi-grid projects. ... 2234467612
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