Product won't list due to "missing texture"

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Mike Lorrey
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Re: Product won't list due to "missing texture"

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So this issue has not been fixed in the past year?
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Product won't list due to "missing texture"

Post by Ilan Tochner »

The information that OpenSim stores in the object when it creates these textures isn't sufficient for us to easily determine whether the texture in question was added intentionally by the user (manually or using a script) or by OpenSim. Changing that OpenSim behavior would require a lot of work and fixing this issue (that has a workaround) doesn't justify diverting development resources from tasks that will benefit a lot more people and in much bigger ways.
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Brayla Sana
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Re: Product won't list due to "missing texture"

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I have also encountered phantom missing textures. I believe it is Opensim's coding of the lighting system. It happened to me when I was packing up my furniture sets for sale. If I left the lighting "on," the missing texture problem would appear; if I turned the lighting "off," the error would disappear. If the "phantom" texture was consistently the same, then you could program an exception for it. It must be some kind of generated texture used for lighting. Opensim also uses random generated textures in osDraw commands that can also cause problems. My workaround was to simply turn all the lighting "off" (by scripting a switch) when packing things for sale.
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