Why Kitely Market is good for content creators (HGB)

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Why Kitely Market is good for content creators (HGB)

Post by Dot Matrix » Tue Jul 31, 2018 2:12 pm

In the first paragraph of Why OpenSim is good for content creators, Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business explains why she has written the article:
In the comments section on one of the several InWorldz-related articles these past few days, I saw some people talking about whether OpenSim is safe for content. The idea being that InWorldz was somehow safer because it’s not OpenSim.
In the article, Kitely grid, and especially Kitely Market, come out as offering a very good deal for content creators:
Kitely allows creators to set their scripted content to no export, meaning that the content can only be used on the Kitely Grid. This applies to all types of content — prim objects, meshes, scripts, and textures. They won’t get saved to customer OARs, customers can’t teleport with them to other grids. And for everything else, creators can set the content to exportable, meaning that they get to benefit from having customers all over the hypergrid.
Look at the Kitely Market statistics. Since 2014, merchants have had a choice of whether to sell to hypergrid users or not. At first, only a few dipped their toes in. Was there enough money in it? Did it actually hurt sales?

Over time, more merchants opted to sell to people from throughout the OpenSim metaverse.
People from more than 270 different grids can get content delivered from the Kitely Market. Hypergrid-enabled grids work by default, closed grids have to configure their settings.

So if you are a merchant or content creator, being on the hypergrid won’t hurt. But it will open up almost the entire OpenSim user base for you as potential customers.
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