Interview with Coplo Wexler (Digital Life Cult)

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Interview with Coplo Wexler (Digital Life Cult)

Post by Michael Timeless » Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:06 pm

So, under the title of practicing what I preached I went online today to Second Life and tracked down Coplo Wexler. Coplo is the creator behind the Italian minimalistic style of buildings and clubs under the title DLC in Second Life. They have a few sims worth of buildings and clubs as well as an entire "build Your Own Sim Set." I've been a fan for over a decade and in honest self-disclosure owned his products on both Second Life and InWorldz, during their brief stint there before they pulled out. Sadly my building went with InWorldz.
Coplo's DLC has some pretty interesting things and I spoke to him about Kitely Market. Like many vendors he was unaware of how truly large the Kitely Market is and how a business can really expand when it is not "siloed" (i.e. stuck in one world). He is familiar with Open Sims and was one of the creators of Neptune Grid. He has also been asked to work with Sinespace one of the newer competitors to Linden Lab's Sansar, which speaks to the quality of his work.

Coplo questioned whether it would be worth it to come into another grid when he is receiving requests for personal buildings that can cost up to 15K Lindens. It seems a lot of people don't talk to vendors about these opportunities. Personally, I'm considering breaking out my sketchbook and sending him a personal request (Something I have not done as part of our chat).

Don't hesitate to reach out to these vendors. If you'd like to see some of Coplo's works, you can check out his company's website at: He does custom requests, but, be prepared to pay for this level of custom work. Perhaps other vendors may start considering doing custom requests as well. With any luck if he sees enough interest we can have DLC soon join the ranks of Kitely Merchants. His email is on the website or you can reach him in SL as I did, he is very approachable - like all of us Italians.

One thing, when talking to vendors that I would suggest everyone do. Pull articles on the Kitely Market, Kitely's IP protection of Vendor, Export rules and articles from the web on how rapidly Kitely Market has been growing and why other Grids are taking notice of Kitely as the best market place in the metaverse. Let them see the famous vendors who have put their trust in Ilan and Kitely. Think of your favorite vendor in any world, don't they belong here at Kitely?

Michael Timeless is not a paid, or unpaid spokesman for Kitely and still gets a huge tier bill every month. :lol:
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