random error messages on scripted animated furniture

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Genavieve Page
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random error messages on scripted animated furniture

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Hello, Just need a little advice. I have selling from my store without issues for awhile now. just recently with a larger build that is fully furnished I have had a few people have issues with the animated furniture not reading the NCs or just saying llGetNotecardLine: Can't find notecard '.MENUITEMS'
I know that everything works fine as all the furniture has been tested over and over again as well as the same product has been sold to many grids.The NCs are there as they can be seen within the items list on the MP store. I have also recently updated this product in a rez box to help over come any rezzing issues.Waiting to hear if she still has an issue with the furniture from this resent item.... Discovery grid seemed to have a few people have the same issue and another. But out of 16 sold 2 from Discovery Grid had either an issue with the furniture and 2 more from two other grids. I use the MLP pose ball system with some of the animated furniture which seems to work in and used in all the open sim I have been too.. I have given advice to re take the item back to inventory and re rez it then touch the area that has the menu to let it run the scripts. Or relog and restart their world....Also given advice that it could possible be something in the grid or their world they might need to check. But apart from that I am not sure how to help apart from redelivering which I have done. The Product that has given this trouble is the Furnished Tropical Bungalow.. it does contain a lot of furniture and all has been part of other builds that have not given any issues... Any advice I can give the customer apart from what I have already done would be awesome thank you.
Genavieve Page :D
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Ilan Tochner
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Re: random error messages on scripted animated furniture

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Hi Genavieve,

Notecards have UUIDs which change every time they are modified. This means that if your script is trying to access the notecard via its UUID then you have to update the script with the notecard's new UUID after each time the notecard is modified. This is very fragile and susceptible to error. The recommended alternative is to include the notecard inside the object that has the script and change the script to access the notecard using its name instead of its UUID.
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