For the ones who like combat and crafting

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For the ones who like combat and crafting

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Hello friends!

We introduced on Tessin the Konk Combat and Crafting system. I think its awesome! At the landing point you will find a LM to get the hud, and we made an info centre about all features.
At several spots explores , who wear the HUD , will be surprised by highwaymen, and you really need to defend yourself to stay safe! When your doing good, you get RP coins and XP, and with the coins are many products to buy ( we made market stands for this especially for Konk). For the ones who love collecting, we have several spots on the sims to find crops and things and use them for crafting tools, cooking food and even make buildings and jewelry. There is a crafting table.

For new ones in this game: we made notes and books for an easy start.

So.. if you like some action and adventure , come and chase the highwaymen :) or make your garden and sell your crops.

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