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Trouble Ahead
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Kitely sailing explorer

Post by Trouble Ahead » Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:42 am

Hello Kitely residents

Although we have a wonderful way to explore by using the Kitely website and use the " Explore worlds " tab, there might be also some interest in an ' Inworld " exploring system.

One idea could be, building on a " Kitely sailing explorer" where visitors can board a ship and TP to another world. This sytem could be provided to all world owners who have interest in such a system, and all who want to participate in this will get it for free and theirworlds landmark will be made in the system.

How this technically could be built is something we want to discuss in the forum. Are there people with ideas how to built up such a system and are there scripters who want to put some time in this project?

What i can contribute is a cute little ship for this and some docks , and maintenance of the system and communication with participants. For the technical building we really need some good ideas and helping hands .

Thanks in advance to all who want to work with us to make the project work.
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Re: Kitely sailing explorer

Post by Min Tigerpaw » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:34 pm

Hi Trouble,
some time back I made a HUD for doing response based traveling. It was for the Crossroad region that we considered at this time to be a starting point to travel all around HG. The idea was to have items in the world that symbolized an interesting place and if you click on the item, the HUD provides information on the place, a picture, and - by pressing the respective symbol-button in the HUD - a NC, a LM, a direct TP option or a map TP option.
The respective scripts and the HUD still exist.
If this is helpful for your idea - let me know.

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