X-FILES: IT'S ALL IN THE EYES - Live Story - THU September 27th 7pm

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X-FILES: IT'S ALL IN THE EYES - Live Story - THU September 27th 7pm

Post by Shandon Loring » Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:00 am

Presented Live in Voice
"Evil eyes gleamed into hers"
Skeletons hung from the rafters...
along with images of classic movie monsters. Ghosts, witches, vampires, creepy looking corpses, clowns, dolls, and other decorations as Hannah Barton entered the giant deserted warehouse store. Scary things to make up a cool Halloween atmosphere for a party or a haunted house. And all looking at her with those evil eyes. Suddenly it seemed as if they had all taken a step forward.
It was late.
Everyone else was gone...

Author: Heather Graham
Book: Trust No One
Editor: Jonathan Maberry
We will be presenting simultaneously on both opensim in Kitely and in Second Life. Audiences of both grids will be able to freely chat to each other during the performance via local text chat
AND will be able to see the audience in the other grid!! This is a really cool bridging of the Grid Divide!


This world is public and open to all Kitely and Hypergrid residents. Guests are encouraged to wander freely about the property exploring and discovering. So drop by any time!
Ask Shandon Loring for a Group Invite to receive all notices from the Seanchai Library - and to gain access to our additional story-themed worlds in Kitely.

The Seanchai Library has been in SecondLife for over 10 YEARS and we have brought this experience to the opensim via Kitely to use the platform of virtual worlds to further explore the potential of immersive story environments. To find out more about us visit us at http://www.SeanchaiLibrary.com
Preview the Seanchai estate at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF9i6zT0XC8
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