Land Terrain to Sculpty

Building using prims, sculpties and meshes. Texture creation techniques.
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Re: Land Terrain to Sculpty

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Thank you. Both in the present, cuz this was interesting info,
and thank you in the past, cuz I found some other relevant information in forum topic you participated in back in 2013!
Both very helpful...

So... the upshot, my issues have been related to weirdnesses in the script I'm using, and others have had similar problems.

Though, I did find a work around and it creates some beautiful pieces.
If anyone wants to see a couple skyboxes created this way please feel free to visit:

Jakku on Spaceworld (Rey's homeworld in SW Force Awakens)

Takodana on Spaceworld (Maz Kanata temple SW Force Awakens)

Desert Sands - general desert/arabian venue

ANYway... I would like to take this discussion a little further with scripty/creatory folks.. but I'll open a different Topic in the appropriate place and consider this one closed up. Thanks all!
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