Satyr farming

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Satyr farming

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Dear explorers,

Tessin has a humble Satyr farm now. We are running the latest version, and for sim owners who like to have the whole farming system ( the scripts are full perm ) , you can pick up the box with all the tools at the market stand when you enter the farm.

If you would like to set up your farm , I recommend to to set up your farm with the basic features to keep the running scripts on your sim low. On my farm no NPC 's who are doing the work, so I can use some hands there :)

Whats to find ? Fruit trees, vegetable fields, cattle ( breedable ) , chicken coop, fishing equipment , oven and kitchen to prepare meals, posibility to buy and sell products for RP money, and last but not least our own brand of wine , Chateau Contrebande :D. Manual for the system is here :

You can find the TP to the farm at the landing point and , to find Tessin, just use " search " in explore worlds on the Kitely website.

Please don't steal my crops ! I worked ages on the fields :D. Enjoy !
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