merging two worlds - ideas needed

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Alexina Proctor
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merging two worlds - ideas needed

Post by Alexina Proctor »

I would like to merge two of my worlds, Wellspring and Praxton, into an Advanced World. They are currently under the Gold Plan. The biggest issue is all the time Prax and I put into these already and I don't want to have to re-terraform and and reposition everything.

1. I know that I would need to reduce one of the 3x3 worlds to a 2x2 to make them both fit in the 4x4 Advanced World.
2. How would I merge two OAR files?
3. I expect I could upload one 3x3 to the Advanced World, first making it a 3x3 and then expanding it to a 4x4 and re-terraform reload everything from one piece at a time to the 2x2. Is this my only option?

I appreciate any time-saving ideas on this.

Ilan, if you have a way to pay you an extra service fee to move all of one of the 3x3's into the Advanced World, I may be interested. I fear I am not going to be able to do a complete OAR of any because they contain items that don't have the right permissions to save to an OAR. I cannot recall if that is transfer or export.

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Re: merging two worlds - ideas needed

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Alexina,

First, I would advise against merging two complex worlds into a single one. You'd end up with a world that uses a lot of server resources even when empty and would thus result in reduced practical avatar capacity, more lag, and slower world startup times.

You can read about how Export works in Kitely here: ... plemented/

You can change a Premium World to be an Advanced World by opening it's Manage World dialog (using the Manage link in your My Worlds page) then clicking the Change world type link and selecting Advanced World. Once you've paid the world will be configured as an advanced World.

You can change a world's size (up to it world type's max supported world size) using the Change world size link in the world's Manage World dialog. See: ... ical-tool/

You can't merge worlds inside Kitely, you need to export them to OAR files, merge them outside Kitely, create a new OAR file of the combined land area then upload that into Kitely using the Replace World option in the Files tab of your world's Manage World dialog. Please note that this option may result in some objects being removed from the OAR files due to export restrictions. You can use the Export World report that is created when you Export Worlds to see which objects weren't included, take those into your inventory and add them back to the merged Kitely world after you upload it into Kitely.
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