Granting group permssions regarding editing objects

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Granting group permssions regarding editing objects

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Our team includes more than one builder who needs to be able to edit, remove, and add objects in the world owned by our Organization. I have used the Organization dashboard to set up two different classes of groups: Admins (which should have all permissions, a group of two) and Builders (which should have all the permissions they need to delete and add objects in our Organization owned world.

But the only permissions I see have to do with entering worlds and being visible. Where are the building perms? Even with the Builder or Admin groups active, the only avatar who has permission to change any part of our virtual campus is the avatar that set up the organization and purchase the land.

Other builder avatars can edit, landscape and build everywhere in our world EXCEPT on the virtual campus. Is there a simple way to deed the virtual campus to the Builder or Admin group?

I need for more than just the founding avatar to be able to build on the virtual campus, but don't want to enable building for everyone.

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Re: Granting group permssions regarding editing objects

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Hi Jen,

The Organization groups are different from the OpenSim groups that are used inworld (this won't be the case with HiFiKi).

I suggest creating an inworld Dupre Library Builders group and adding the relevant users to it. Then set the parcel to that group and permit people belonging to it to build there (using the viewer land management windows).

When inviting users to the group I suggest you use the Singularity viewer to send out the invites. Firestorm has some issues with this feature.
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