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Win a ship

Post by Trouble Ahead » Sat Mar 21, 2020 9:46 pm

Many people are more home bound these days and we can really need some entertainment and activities. Many of Kitely s residents are builders, but I think... taking a break and playing a game might give you extra relaxation.

We have a GEMSTONE HUNT running in Tessin's caves. They say, gemstones have healing powers, so I think this is very approprate these days. When landing on Tessin, please follow the paths to the caves entrance. You will find the next instructions for the hunt at the entrance:

Dear visitor ,

Thank you for visiting the Tessin gemstone hunt !
When you explore the caves, you should inspect the walls carefully! When you watch close , you will find gemstones in many colors and shapes.

When you click the gemstone, you will get an example in your inventory, together with a notecard that learns you more about the healing power and more interesting details about your gemstone.

One specific gemstone will bring you an EXTRA NOTECARD " you won the price" .. woooot !! That one will give you instructions to get your price/ reward.

Your price will be exclusively and I am sure its worth your time , no one in every Opensim grid will have this, and it will be given to you when you follow the instructions in your price notecard .

Happy hunting !

( your price will be one of the ships I offer in my marketplace shop, with the Kayaker Magic scripts. Historical ships that can be sailed like realistic sailing ships, and can shoot and sink each other.... schhhh , its a secret, dont tell anybody )

Please type " Tessin " in search to get there. Enjoy !
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Re: Win a ship

Post by Dot Matrix » Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:41 pm

Had a great time exploring the caves on Tessin -- many thanks for setting this up, Trouble!
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