advice on speccing out a new PC?

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advice on speccing out a new PC?

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I've been limping along with a 7-year-old laptop but as I get more into Kitely and open sim, I would like to try my hand at machinima and video editing.

I've been saving up cash and would like to buy a true powerhouse desktop with optimal graphics card(s) for capturing the highest-quality video shot in Firestorm and in Kitely for lighting/shading/animations.

My question is: which graphics card(s) would you recommend? I'm eyeing the NVidia Geforce RTX series, but I'm wondering if that'll be overkill? Or worse, is there a chance open sim won't be compatible with these next-generation cards? I'd hate to drop $1500 on a graphics card (not to mention the rest of the computer) only to find that it doesn't agree with open sim or Firestorm.

One company I've purchased from before (five laptops in fact) is XoticPC. I'm looking at this desktop as a possibility, but unsure as to which graphics card would be "best" for open sim: ... readripper

Any and all advice is appreciated. :)
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