Castle of Darkening Light

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Re: Castle of Darkening Light

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Dot Matrix wrote:
Fri Dec 11, 2020 1:54 pm
And just to emphasise, I responded not with anger (as Brian implied above), but with sadness.
Bottom line the "joke" was, as Brian admits, out of place (I didn't get what cannibalism had to do with anything). As Dot states, there was no anger in response, but merely objection to something that would have been better left un-posted. (It's always good to think twice before hitting that SUBMIT key.) ;)

There are problems on all virtual worlds... and in real life. Sometimes problems are caused by others; sometimes we put our foot in our own mouths. Ilan tries his best to minimize drama here, as he's demonstrated on this thread. Anyone can choose (for whatever reasons) to leave a grid... or remain and enjoy what it has to offer. If one chooses to leave, no further forum comments are needed. If one chooses to stay, make the best of what the world has to offer. Kitely beats the stressful environments of some other grid any day of the week.
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Re: Castle of Darkening Light

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This may be superfluous post But ... Hey Brian ...haven't visited your new Mega sim but I have watched your building on a smaller sim over the years ... I just want to say you are an exceptional builder and would hate to lose you to another grid ! I draw inspiration for my own build when I visit. That may be the same for others that visit. I really hope you reconsider changing grids ... none are perfect ...(as I have changed grids before) but Kitely is really the most stable of them all !! cheers Dante
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Re: Castle of Darkening Light

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No more jokes from me it was silly but was made to be more than it was meant to be. I removed my posts and that is all I have to say, after pondering it I guess this was the only move. I do believe I was copy botted but not a biggie, I was kidding about zombies eating face of an avatar. I apologize for this to all that were enraged, was a joke and I guess a bad one for some people. I won't say sorry again, I will say goodbye.
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