Introducing WEE is FREE shop on Wellspring

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Introducing WEE is FREE shop on Wellspring

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I am pleased to announce the opening of WEE is FREE on Wellspring always-on MegaWorld.

As the name suggests, this store contains freebies for Wees / Tinies / Dinkies. We have full avatars, avatar kits and accessories. It's just getting started, but we encourage people to donate items to the store. Merchants can donate quality freebies as a promotion to their own stores. Weetarians can donate just out of the goodness of their hearts.

As a reminder, Wees can obtain a free home in Weefolk Township on Wellspring world. Can't get cheaper rent than FREE! :mrgreen:

Wee is Free. Woot!

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Free avatars, free homes... Wee is Free.
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