HG safari group will visit Catronian Archipelago

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HG safari group will visit Catronian Archipelago

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Coming wednesday the 29 th of may at noon 12.00 PM , we will organize a tour for the HG Safari group.
See their website:


They will visit with a group of 20 people who make group tours twice a week to interesting places on all grids and we were selected on this date. We will show all the ships we made for the battles and organize a tour in simple rowboats for them and tell the stories of our role-play and show them all islands. The navy group port Celyddon will sail their fleet!

If you want to meet and greet, very welcome to join, please make sure your avatar does not wear heavy scripted objects, bc we will having a lot of people visiting. Seeing all the ships in action will be great to watch!
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Re: HG safari group will visit Catronian Archipelago

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You should do a short battle for them. I thought that was just amazing when I visited. So much fun!
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