Physics Steampunk Boat now available

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Physics Steampunk Boat now available

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I've just put a working physics boat up for sale on the market.... ... -Boat-V1-1

It's a working 8 speed Steampunk machine, and great fun with friends as a bumper boat.

The physics script is freely available in opensim so I've left it modifiable. Consequently I'm only pricing the vehicle for my added value, i.e; design, fiddling with the script a bit, writing instructions, smoke and engine noise. So it's inexpensive at 200KC.

There are free to use boats and aircraft on my region 'Booland' so feel free to try. (My region does use your minutes, sorry about that)

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Constance Peregrine
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Re: Physics Steampunk Boat now available

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got it...thx, and thx for pricing it nicely for my declining kc budget [makes a note to advertise my own stuff in the mp again, soon]
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