Upcoming Plan Changes and a Limited Time Offer

In the beginning of 2014 we’ll be making several significant changes to our offering, in order to simplify using Kitely and to provide even more affordable options for having your own virtual world. As part of these changes our existing plans (the Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans) will no longer be available. However, users who are Silver Plan or Gold Plan members at the beginning of the year will be able to keep their plans, and we’ll even upgrade them with significant benefits that will not be available to people who join Kitely later. If you aren’t already on one of these plans then order one before the end of the year so you don’t miss out on this limited-time offer.

The New Premium Account

On January 1 we’ll eliminate the Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans, and replace them with just one plan called the “Premium Account”. A Premium Account will cost $19.95/month, and will include 5 free time-based regions and the ability to visit any time-based world (your own or anyone else’s) for free. This last part means that groups of Premium users will be able to visit each other’s time-based worlds without anyone paying extra for these visits.

Bronze Plan Canceled

The Bronze Plan has been discontinued effective immediately, and is no longer available for order. Current Bronze Plan users will remain on the plan until the end of the month, at which time they will be automatically downgraded to a Regular Account (this is the account type that will replace the existing Free Plan). You don’t need to do anything to make this happen: shortly after this blog post is published we’ll automatically cancel the subscriptions of existing Bronze Plan users. If you’re paying us via PayPal then your PayPal subscription for our services will be canceled.

Silver and Gold Plans Grandfathered In, With Extra Benefits

The Silver and Gold Plans are also being discontinued. However, unlike the Bronze Plan, existing Silver and Gold Plan subscribers will be able to keep using their plan if they wish. So if you are a Silver or Gold Plan subscriber, and you do nothing, you will remain on your plan even after Jan 1. The plan will continue at the same price as before, for as long as you continue to pay for it on time. As an extra benefit we’ll even upgrade your plan, as follows:

If you are a Silver Plan holder then you’ll continue to pay $20/month for 10 free time-based regions, and we’ll also give you unlimited free visits to time-based worlds (instead of the 120 hours/month that you currently get).

If you are a Gold Plan holder then you’ll continue to pay $35/month for unlimited free visits to time-based worlds, and your plan will now include 30 free time-based regions (instead of the 20 regions that you currently get).

New Fixed-Price World Options

We’ll be replacing the current Unlimited Free Access world options with several new yet-to-be-announced fixed-price options. All existing Unlimited Free Access world users will be grandfathered in, so you’ll be able to choose whether to keep your existing world option or switch to one of the new options.

Some people are on the Bronze Plan and also have Unlimited Free Access worlds. If you are one of these people then we will send you an email regarding how you can keep your Unlimited Free Access worlds even after we’ve canceled your existing subscription.

Act Now! (Excuse the Cliche…)

We encourage you to take advantage of our limited-time offer to upgrade to the Silver Plan or Gold Plan before the end of the year and get the extra long-term benefits that will be provided exclusively to those plan holders. This offer will not be available after Dec. 31, so if you want these exclusive benefits you should order now.

  • Joseph Zazulak

    Great! But…..where can we sign up? Did I miss that part? 🙁

    • Hi Joseph,

      You can sign up for this limited-time offer by going to the Settings page in your Kitely account (you can create a new account from that page if you don’t already have one): https://www.kitely.com/settings

      Once you’re logged into that page, press the Change Plan link, select the plan you want and continue the process until you complete your order. Please note that the extra benefits mentioned in this post will only go into effect on Jan 1st – until then the plans will include the time and region quotas listed in the plan table you’ll be presented.

      • Joseph Zazulak

        So, I had a Bronze Plan. If I switch to a Silver Plan NOW, will that change to a new Premium Account on January 1st? Sorry to be so obtuse.

        • If you switch to a Silver Plan now (which cost $20/month), come new years you will be switched to a special Premium Account (the “Premium Account (Silver)”) which will function exactly like the regular Premium Account but will provide you with twice the number of time-based billing worlds for just $0.05/month more than the $19.95/month that the regular Premium Account will cost.

          Please note that you won’t be able to sign up for this offer next year as the option to sign up for a Silver/Gold Plan will be discontinued when 2013 ends and we’re only offering this deal to people who have an active Silver/Gold Plan already in place when the new year begins.

          • Mark natale

            I think this is still a very reasonable price to pay for the use of all these sims. I host my own Opensim worlds on cloud servers and and self host on OSgrid. I do not see in your pricing that you get twice as many regions on the new Premium Silver plan. You get the same 10 regions but unlimited access. On the gold plan you get 30 sims ie 10 more. I upgraded to the gold plan as I feel for me it is a great plan. Thanks for all the hard work your team does to make Kitely the grid of the future.

          • Thank you Mark 🙂

            The Premium Account (Silver) which will be grandfathered in from Silver Plans will have the same number of time-based regions as the Silver Plan but that’s twice the number of time-based regions that the regular Premium Account will have.

            That is why I made the comparison between these two options. We’re basically giving a big perk to early adopters, or people who act now and order a Silver/Gold plan before the year ends.

          • Mark natale

            llan, It makes sense now. I still think it’s a great deal. I plan on increasing my Speedboat region to a 16 region mega region on New Years day. It will make a great sailing sim. I also want to work on planes and helicopters. I hope you and your team have a great holiday seasion and a happy new year.

          • Thank you Mark and a happy new year to you as well 🙂

          • I want that gold plan grandfathered in. My question is this:

            Do you give charity loans, low interest, no pay back???????

          • Sorry but no 🙂

          • gosh-))))

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  • I currently have an Unlimited Free Access world. Any hints as to how this will be affected?

    • Hi Your Teacher,

      Your existing Unlimited Free Access world will be grandfathered in. If you prefer keeping it over the new fixed-price world options we’ll be making available then you’ll be able to do so. If you later decide you prefer the new options then you’ll be able to switch your world to using them.

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  • Inara Pey

    Just to be clear, the existing Free account will remain unchanged? You’ll just have it & the Premium account (with the Silver / Gold grandfathering within the latter).

    • I answered your more detailed email questions but I’ll answer here for other people as well.

      The Regular Account (which will replace the Free Plan) will continue to include 1 free Metered region (what we now call “time-based billing region”). The amount of monthly time quota that will be included with the Regular Account hasn’t been announced yet. We’ll provide the full details of all the options once we make them available on Jan 1.

      There will be 3 types of fixed-price (what we now call “Unlimited Free Access”) world types. Each with a different resource quota (prim/avatar limit) and different price. You’ll be able to pay for your world depending on the amount of resources you need for it.

      There will also be Metered worlds where you pay-per-use based on time, operations used, etc. Those worlds will use the same rates we have now for time-based billing worlds except that OAR file-related operations (Copy World, Export World, Replace World) will cost a fixed 150KC/operation instead of 10KC/region/operation like they do now.

      The Premium Account is ideal for using in combination with Metered worlds. Groups of Premium Account holders can use their worlds for as long as they want without thinking about time.

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  • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    I know I said this on google+ but I don’t always get notifications of new posts there, so here I go. i’m a bit confused as to what to do. I already pay for 9 islands so everyone can come to them. If I went for gold, how would this work? I would keep paying the 80/month along with another 35/month for the gold to be able to keep the islands I already have? Just a little lost here

    • You don’t have to have a Premium Account to be able to get a fixed-priced world such as the 9-region one you have now. If you don’t need Metered worlds then just continue paying the $80/month for the world you have now.

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  • *still confused*

    so . . . if we changed from Gold to Silver before Dec. 31, then would we have 20 regions on Jan 1st?

    in other words, would we have the same as we do now but at $20 per month?

    if so, what a phenomenal bargain! thanks! =)

    note: while we wait until the summer (or later) we only need to have Enclave Harbour up and i’d personally like to keep Hax Nuit live too

    • Hi Ener,

      Not quite 🙂

      The plan you are on when the year ends will define which plan you’ll get grandfathered in. In other words, if you switch to the Silver Plan before Jan 1, 2014 then you’ll be on the Silver Plan and that will be the plan we grandfather in for you. The Silver Plan, as stated in our blog post, will include unlimited personal time and 10 free Metered regions.

      If, however, you remain on the Gold Plan then the plan you’ll have grandfathered in will provide you with unlimited time and 30 free Metered regions.

      Once 2014 starts you won’t be able to get another plan grandfathered in. You’ll be able to downgrade to the Regular Account and/or switch to the Premium Account but the benefits we’re offering now will no longer be available to you once you give them up.

      Clearer now? 🙂

      • yep, i think so! thank you Ilan =)

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  • JeanBaptiste Eilde

    If I upgrade to the gold plan before Jan 1, will I be able to combine some of my 10 worlds into a mega region?

    Will the one free world I have now become part of the 10, or will I have a total of 11?

    • Hi JeanBaptiste,

      If you go on the Gold Plan and it becomes grandfathered in, you’ll have a total of 30 free time-based (Metered) regions to use in any supported combination of world sizes (1, 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 regions per world). You can export your existing worlds, combine them outside Kitely, save the result to an OAR file (OpenSim Archive), and use that file to create a new Kitely world.

      Once we move to the new pricing options, you’ll be able to be on a Regular Account that includes 1 free Metered region, or on the Premium Account that includes 5 free Metered regions. However, if you upgrade to the Gold Plan before the end of the year you’ll be on a special type of Premium Account (the “Premium Account (Gold)”) that will include 30 free Metered regions (not 31 free Metered regions).

      Is it clearer now? 🙂

      • JeanBaptiste Eilde

        Yes, thank you Ilan. I meant to ask about the Silver plan, rather than Gold, but I can see the principle is the same. If I upgrade to silver now, I’ll have 10 regions which could be deployed as:10 individual regions, or one 3×3 mega region and one standard region, or two 2×2 regions and two individual regions.
        Guess it’s time to make the move. 🙂

        • Yes, you got it and yes now would be a great time to make the move 🙂

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