Upcoming Plan Changes and a Limited Time Offer

In the beginning of 2014 we’ll be making several significant changes to our offering, in order to simplify using Kitely and to provide even more affordable options for having your own virtual world. As part of these changes our existing plans (the Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans) will no longer be available. However, users who are Silver Plan or Gold Plan members at the beginning of the year will be able to keep their plans, and we’ll even upgrade them with significant benefits that will not be available to people who join Kitely later. If you aren’t already on one of these plans then order one before the end of the year so you don’t miss out on this limited-time offer.

The New Premium Account

On January 1 we’ll eliminate the Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans, and replace them with just one plan called the “Premium Account”. A Premium Account will cost $19.95/month, and will include 5 free time-based regions and the ability to visit any time-based world (your own or anyone else’s) for free. This last part means that groups of Premium users will be able to visit each other’s time-based worlds without anyone paying extra for these visits.

Bronze Plan Canceled

The Bronze Plan has been discontinued effective immediately, and is no longer available for order. Current Bronze Plan users will remain on the plan until the end of the month, at which time they will be automatically downgraded to a Regular Account (this is the account type that will replace the existing Free Plan). You don’t need to do anything to make this happen: shortly after this blog post is published we’ll automatically cancel the subscriptions of existing Bronze Plan users. If you’re paying us via PayPal then your PayPal subscription for our services will be canceled.

Silver and Gold Plans Grandfathered In, With Extra Benefits

The Silver and Gold Plans are also being discontinued. However, unlike the Bronze Plan, existing Silver and Gold Plan subscribers will be able to keep using their plan if they wish. So if you are a Silver or Gold Plan subscriber, and you do nothing, you will remain on your plan even after Jan 1. The plan will continue at the same price as before, for as long as you continue to pay for it on time. As an extra benefit we’ll even upgrade your plan, as follows:

If you are a Silver Plan holder then you’ll continue to pay $20/month for 10 free time-based regions, and we’ll also give you unlimited free visits to time-based worlds (instead of the 120 hours/month that you currently get).

If you are a Gold Plan holder then you’ll continue to pay $35/month for unlimited free visits to time-based worlds, and your plan will now include 30 free time-based regions (instead of the 20 regions that you currently get).

New Fixed-Price World Options

We’ll be replacing the current Unlimited Free Access world options with several new yet-to-be-announced fixed-price options. All existing Unlimited Free Access world users will be grandfathered in, so you’ll be able to choose whether to keep your existing world option or switch to one of the new options.

Some people are on the Bronze Plan and also have Unlimited Free Access worlds. If you are one of these people then we will send you an email regarding how you can keep your Unlimited Free Access worlds even after we’ve canceled your existing subscription.

Act Now! (Excuse the Cliche…)

We encourage you to take advantage of our limited-time offer to upgrade to the Silver Plan or Gold Plan before the end of the year and get the extra long-term benefits that will be provided exclusively to those plan holders. This offer will not be available after Dec. 31, so if you want these exclusive benefits you should order now.

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Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely.