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Trouble Ahead
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For Role-players

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For all who are into roleplaying: we made a webpage for several systems we use on the Tessin world.

- sailing tutorial
-Konk crafting and combat system
-Satyr farming system.

Hopefully this makes it easy for visitors and new players to join the fun.
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Shandon Loring
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Re: For Role-players

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Way cool! Sounds super!

For anyone interested, Seanchai Library has 30 some themed regions of which some awesome RPers have used several of from time to time.
Our worlds are open to everyone and you are welcome to use them for RP. If you happen to need certain rez rights or what not just contact me and I'll invite you to the group so you can rez stuff.
And of course we hope you'll join us for Live Voice Storytelling sessions now and then! :-)

To visit any of our worlds just go to Seanchai Library homeworld and access the links and gates at the Landing Zone. ... g/Seanchai
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